XINGFA Awarded the Top 1 of‘2023 The First Choice Brand of Aluminium Profile'

May 05, 2023

Green recycle, industrialized, digitizing , intensification, smart intelligence of architecture aluminium profiles enterprise has now became common vision in China and the whole world.

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BIGDATA, is helping to reform the high quality development real-state, architecture. And it relayed on curtain wall supply chain of construction, design, and excellent products and services from ancillary company. The industry reform and upgrade of ‘fabricated in China’, ‘ designed in China’ , ‘innovated in China’ required more branding and formalization industrial leading industry.


Green recycle, industrialized, digitizing , intensification, smart intelligence of architecture aluminium profiles enterprise has now became common vision in China and the whole world.

1.BIGDATA clarified the authority and market


Data tells the truth, in 6th of April 2023, the 29th Windoor Facade Industry Conference was held in The Westin Pazhou. In the conference, the committee announced ‘the 18th Windoor Facade Industrial Statistic Data Report’. During the conference, the committee also awarded 2022-2023 TOP 20 Curtain Project and TOP 10 Material Brand.


Conference Live Pictures


XINGFA with its reputation and capabilities reached out the rank 1 of ‘top 10 Aluminium Facade Brand, and kept in ‘the Windoor Facade industry of 2022-2023’ record.

2.Fair and Just, BIGDATA to demonstrated XINGFA


2023, it is a year to progress in a steady way, and maintain stability and protracted. The development of windoor and facade in 2023 cannot progress without all these practical enterprises with high quality development concepts. Hard working and and focusing on innovation with effective market management mitigation is the key to enhance brand imaging, creativity and quality.


Awarding Live Photos (Architectural profiles)


China domestic architectural aluminium profiles, from beginning to nowadays, from process equipment to crafting techniques are now being the world leading manufacturer country. From city infrastructure to home decoration.....the application of aluminium profiles are being extended. As green and recycling materials, and coping with ‘carbon neutrality’ and ‘peak carbon dioxide emission’, aluminium will play a essential role in the market.



Al-Survey is a China domestic stakeholders research activities, since the first published, Al-Survey has now became the priority choice of reading material and evidence for real state, design academy, experts and consultants. It is also the vane for readers, purchasers, consumers to obtain authoritative brand selection and procurement guide.


Guangdong XINGFA Aluminium Profiles Co.,Ltd, let the aluminium embrace people’s daily life. With the advantage of creativity, market data, innovation and potentials, XINGFA award as ‘the priority choice of facade brand in China’.


XINGFA aluminium award as ‘Top 10 Architectural Profiles Brand’


XINGFA, who dedicated to innovate,  anodized, electrophoresis, powder coating, PVDF, and thermal breaking six types of products pass the three-star (highest level) certification of green building materials products at one time. Hundreds of landmarks and skyscrapers in the world are using ‘MADE IN CHINA’ XINGFA aluminium profiles. Products are continuously gaining the award of International Quality Star Gold Award, Platinum Award, Diamond Award, and China Construction Engineering Luban Award and other quality honors, which is becoming the quality symbol of China domestic aluminium profiles industry.



‘Top 10 Aluminum Profiles Brand’ of Year 2022-2023 Rank list


From the list, the production of aluminium profiles are mainly centralized in Guangdong. Beside the distribution of domestic market in east, south and north of China, southwest of China has a rapid increase development.


XINGFA has successfully laid out in China:Sanshui of Foshan,(Two plants), Nanhai of Foshan, Yichun of Jiangxi, Chengdu of Sichuan, Qingyang of Henan. By the initial construction of high-quality digitized plant XINGFA Advanced Material (Zhejiang) Co.,Ltd, the 7th XINGFA has been hitting the road to implement the market share and production increasing, annual outputs reaching 15 billion, 7 hundred thousand metric tons, zero-distance strategy that serving local, producing in the local, user in the local and becoming a completed layout representative brand in the whole industry.

 In 39 years of XINGFA development history, it played in essential role in the market, satisfying different types of market and clients, breaking through traditional technology barriers. XINGFA developed a digital platform and innovated management skills within market development by using modern manufacture facilities and testing machine for clients to customized their ‘product+services’ solution, extending and increasing product value chain, maintaining product and services quality. In the whole world, representative landmarks and skyscrapers such as: The world's tallest building in Dubai's Burj Khalifa, Beijing Daxing International Airport, History Exhibition Hall of the Communist Party of China, Shenzhen World Convention and Exhibition Center etc are all using XINGFA aluminium series products.


In the meantime, XINGFA as market leader, specialized in producing and selling aluminium profiles up to 39 years. Now XINGFA has became a domestic well-known listed aluminium company and maintaining a closed corporation relationship with China well-known real state company including Vanke, Poly, Country Garden. By empowering architectural value, creating countless classic landmark projects, XINGFA products maintain a high market share in the high-end aluminum alloy extrusion market


XINGFA enhances technology creation, product innovation, patent product commercializing, patent products underneath XINGFA including XINGFA Windoor System, Chuanggao US Curtain Wall System, Smart Hook-type Curtain Wall System etc.


Except traditional aluminium supply channel of architecture and industrial, there is a brand new channel appearing, the clean energy industry. In the future, XINGFA will produce quality product with craftsmanship. Digging the soil of aluminium market, the value of innovation and development, popularity of aluminium profiles and tagging the mark of ‘smart-made in China’ on world landmarks, skyscrapers, vehicles, high speed train, and solar power product is the future vision of XINGFA.


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