Xingfa attended 2023 Colombia International Building Materials Exhibition

June 16, 2023

Exploit the South American market! Xingfa Aluminium attended 2023 Colombia International Building Materials Exhibition and display aluminium formwork.

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From May 30 to June 4, the 2023 Colombia International Building Materials Exhibition was held in Bogota, the capital of Colombia. The Colombia International Building Materials Exhibition is held every two years. Xingfa Aluminium, as an advanced representative of the aluminium profile industry, actively expanded its overseas business at the exhibition.

Xingfa Aluminum steadily promote the enterprise to overseas with its own brand, with a series of products including high-end doors and Windows system, aluminum templates and other showed at this exhibition. Its high-end doors and windows system whether the product watertight, air tightness, wind pressure resistance performance in line with local needs. Aluminum formwork has a series of construction, environmental protection, efficiency advantages and other characteristics, being more and more respected by the construction industry, plays an important role and has practical operational significance in promoting building energy conservation and environmental protection and building industrialization process . Xingfa Aluminum not only to show the comprehensive strength of the enterprise to global customers and exhibitors with representative products, but also conducive to the South American market, further pay attention to the actual needs of customers to upgrade the product, and boost the influence and penetration of Xingfa Aluminum brand in overseas markets.

The exhibition was a sea of people. Especially high-end door and window system is rare in the local that attracted many customers to stop to understand. Xingfa Aluminum overseas customers and sales team  explained products to customers with passion. Face-to-face communications between visitors for the company to open up Colombia and even South America market provides many opportunities.

As a land and sea country in the northern part of South America, Colombia is one of the largest economies in Latin America with huge market potential. Colombia International Building Materials Exhibition is one of the most well-known comprehensive building materials exhibition in Colombia which with kinds of products. Every year it attracts professional exhibitors and visitors from all over the world to come to the scene and hold industry matchmaking at the same period , so that buyers and enterprises more direct face-to-face negotiations. Xingfa Aluminum has been continuously strengthening the promotion of its own brand in the international market, and has established its own brand channels and offices in many countries to further broaden the audience and brand influence, expand the international market and step by step establish Xingfa Aluminum's brand recognition in the world.

 Xingfa Aluminum sought customer partners and built a bridge of cooperation with South American enterprises by participating in the exhibition. By exploiting and developing market and paying close attention to overseas buyer channels to burnish Xingfa Aluminum brand, to provide consumers with higher quality product choices, with practical actions to boost the pace of "Overseas Plan" of enterprises, promote the further steady development of enterprises.

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