Let the Window Keeps You Comfort and Warm

March 11, 2022

Aluminium window frame extrusion and door are the part of the building. Aluminium window manufacturer Xingfa tell you the knowledge of window.

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China has become a big energy-consuming country. And energy has become one of the economics-affected issues. By the increasing degree of recognition of environmentally friendly, the thermal insulation technology of building construction has also increased.

Aluminium window frame extrusion and door are the part of the building, which is a connection pathway of indoors and outdoor. Having correct aluminium window and door direction, location and good thermal insulation window and door make life more comfortable.

In winter, cold air may sneak into the house without a radiator system or heat insulation windows and doors. The heat insulation performance is also important. Although it is not as good as a concrete wall, it's still reducing heat loss and energy consumption if choosing well-quality thermal break windows and doors.

1. Heat insulation is a basic function that is an important measuring standard. Air-tightness is the insurance of thermal insulation. 

From temperature point of view, aluminium window and door use multiple chamber thermal break aluminium system. Mult-chamber design reduces heat transfer during airflow, isolates the room and keeps the room warm.

2. Rubber sealing strips are long-term used to prevent cold air from sneaking in.

Heat insulation is important to the whole aluminium window and door air-tightness. Frames are multiple layers designs using quality rubber sealing strips to reduce air-flowing and heat transfer. Using thermal insulation strips in between profiles reduces heat transfer from inside to outside. The seamless window keeps the room even warmer.

3. Glass obstructs the cold sneaking in.

Glass takes the most energy loss for a whole window system. Therefore, glass insulation is also important. Usually, it replaces the sing-pane glass with hollow glass or compound glass. Each piece of hollow glass has been filled with inert gas in the middle to reduce heat transfer and increase heat insulation.

4. Without quality metal hardware, aluminium window and door performance may also be greatly reduced.

Metal hardware also affects the window’s using experiences and air-tightness while closing. If air-tightness is unsatisfactory, it may not be able to insulate the eat transferring to outside. So, choosing quality metal hardware is to ensure open fluency, window safety, stability, heat insulation and air-tightness.

Xingfa Aluminium, established in 1984, is the leading aluminium window manufacturer in China. Xingfa Aluminium has five factories in China, which is located in Foshan City Sanshui District, Foshan City Nanhai District, Jiangxi Province Yichun City, Henan Province Qinyang City, Sichuan Province Chengdu City.Xingfa Aluminium has been persisting on the approaches of combining independent research&development and cooperation with domestic and overseas scientific research institutes. Relying on our own four national and five provincial R&D platforms, Xingfa always keeps close cooperation of industry, university and research to provide strong guarantee for the improvement of the company's technology research and development capability, thus forming self-owned core competence.

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