Aluminium folding doors sashes are made of glass. Vision is broad, light and spacious inside. Glass is customized based on users’ favourite. Different textures and figures are painted including chequer, camile, cushion dot, diaper twill and so on, emphasizing the appearances of glasses. 

Folding door can be made of wood, iron steel, pvc and aluminium. Different material has different functions and effects.

Aluminium folding door has these advantages: 1. space saving; 2. light and spacious; 3. decoration.

Xingfa Paxdon Aluminium Folding Door XFB004
Xingfa Aluminium, established in 1984, is a leading folding door manufacturer in China. 【Product Description】1.Anti-pinch design between inswing door leaf.2.Double side-hung, thermal break, double colors of indoor and outdoor space can match different home decoration style.3.High grade imported hardware ensures its whole quality.4.Large opening space receives sunlight and air convection.

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