1. Aluminium Tube is widely used in: 

1. Lighting,solar reflector plate.
2. Architectural appearance, interior decoration: ceiling, metope, furniture, cabinets and so on.
3. Elevator, nameplate, bags.
4. Automotive interior and exterior decoration.
5. Interior decoration: such as photo frame.
6. Household appliances, refrigerator, microwave oven, audio equipment.

7. Aerospace and military aspects.
8. Machinery parts processing, mold manufacturing.
9. Chemical/insulation pipeline coating.

Xingfa Aluminium 50mm Aluminium Tube Suppliers XFA032
Xingfa Aluminium, established in 1984 and listed in HK in 2008, is a leading extruded aluminium profile manufacturer in China. 【Product Description】Aluminium Alloy: Al6063, 6063A, 6005, 6061, 6082, 6101, 6106 and other 6XXX seriesTemper: T4, T5, T6Color: according to customers' requirementOrigin: Foshan, ChinaApplication: Aluminium Window, Aluminium Door, Aluminium Formwork, Industrial Aluminium Profile, Curtain Wall, etc.

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