Aluminium Window & Door

Aluminium windows and doors are a great way to improve the look of your home while also providing increased security.  

Xingfa aluminium window & door have good water tightness, air tightness, wind resistance, fire resistance. They are also very easy to maintain and keep clean, which is an important consideration for families. If you are looking for a window or door solution that will add value to your home, Xingfa aluminium window manufactureraluminium door manufacturer is definitely worth considering.

Xingfa Paxdon 158 Sliding Window&Casement Window Integration Functional Aluminium Window XFB011
Xingfa Paxdon 158 Sliding Window&Casement Window Integration Functional Aluminium Window XFB0111.Sliding door and casement window integration system can display multi-function door perfectly.2.Solve the integration of ventilation and privacy.3. Integration doors and windows with screen mesh to prevent mosquitoes. 4.Special lower track design solves water seepage of the outdoor gate.5.Provide the gate solution for villa, self-built house and garden houses.
Xingfa Paxdon 105 Double Inswing Aluminium Casement Window Supplier XFB007
 Xingfa Paxdon 105 Double Inswing Aluminium Casement Window Supplier XFB0071.Professional manufactured northern culture window.2.Combined with balcony culture, it can add balcony support to put flowerpot and hanging flowerpot and bring enjoyment to our life.3.Multifunctional handrail improves availability and workability.4.The breakthrough of double inswing casement window meets northern life’s requirements.5.Multiple group can meet different space’s requirement6.Wide imported heat-insulation strip, filling chamber and warm edge of glass can meet the cold area's requirement. 7.The window screens can equip with child safety lock.
Xingfa Paxdon 125 Aluminium Flush Casement Window XFB010
Xingfa Paxdon 125 Aluminium Flush Casement Window XFB0101.Pursue fashion, align both sides and the thickness of aluminium profiles is 2.0mm. 2. Multiple opening style and equip with high quality specified hardware.3.Double side-hung stainless steel wire mesh and protection all-in-one window.4.The breakthrough of triple traditional seal solves the water penetration problem of double side-hung integration window.5.Special half-moon handle solves the problem of hand being caught by double side-hung window.
Xingfa Paxdon 190 Heavy Aluminium Sliding Door Manufacturer XFB012
Xingfa Paxdon 190 Heavy Aluminium Sliding Door Manufacturer1. Flat track and waterproof track designs meet the needs of different places.2. Stainless steel track improves sliding effects and reduces noise.3. Professional horizontal movable lock and large handle can satisfy different consumers.4.  The upper swing block design improves the stability of the whole door and reduces noise.
XFB014 Xingfa 135 Lift and Slide Doors Lift Sliding Door
135 New Lift and Slide Doors Doorsl Stability: guide wheels on both top and bottom tracks for balancing the inner door leaf, ensure the noiseless, and avoid swing while sliding smoothlyl Energy Saving: While closing, sealing strips and profiles closely in contact with each other and they are airtight. Hollow glass in the frames is energy-saving.l Flat tracks: Flat tracks water draining designs, improve outdoor practicability, clean and water-proof.l Safety: No fall-off risks while opening, steady while closing.l Practicability: bigger area of daylighting, smooth sliding tracks design in the bottom, 2.5mm profile thickness for window steady.
Xingfa System Aluminium French Door UK XFB013
The ESD100 Aluminium French Door System provides a variety of push-pull solutions, such as monorail, double tracks and three tracks with excellent product performance and relatively low costs. The system can be equipped with special rear screen doors to meet different project requirements.1. The three-stage seal between panels improves the sealing performance between door panels;2. The hidden locking point seat has a higher anti-theft level and can effectively avoid collision injury caused by the locking point exposure;3. High-quality 304 stainless steel guide rail and U-shaped lifting pulley, which makes it works smoothly;4. The special rear screen door is available,convenient to install, and provides great product performance.
Xingfa Paxdon Aluminium Profile for Sunroom XFB005
Xingfa Aluminium, established in 1984, is a leading sunroom manufacturer in China. 【Product Description】1.Standard sun room to meet different system’s requirements.2.Without any extra screw in the appearance,concise but do not lose connotation.3.Different shapes form different places.
Xingfa Paxdon Aluminium Folding Door XFB004
Xingfa Aluminium, established in 1984, is a leading folding door manufacturer in China. 【Product Description】1.Anti-pinch design between inswing door leaf.2.Double side-hung, thermal break, double colors of indoor and outdoor space can match different home decoration style.3.High grade imported hardware ensures its whole quality.4.Large opening space receives sunlight and air convection.
Xingfa 70 Hidden Drainage Aluminium Flush Casement Window Price XFB016
Xingfa Aluminium, established in 1984, is a leading aluminium flush casement window manufacturer in China. 【Product Description】70 Hidden Drainage Aluminium Flush Casement Window PricelStandard system design, Aligning sashes with frameslHidden drainage design for heavy rain hurricane weatherlDouble strips easy-install designlFriction stay makes sashes more stablelTilt & turn designs uses hidden hinge, which is more suitable for northern China.
Aluminium Door, Lift Door, Lift&Slide Door - Xingfa Aluminium
Xingfa Aluminium, established in1984, is a leading aluminium door manufacturer in China. Xingfa focuses on producing aluminium extrusion profiles, lift sliding door, curtain wall and other industrial aluminium profiles.
Xingfa Paxdon 105 Indoor Sliding Door XFB002
Xingfa Aluminium, established in 1984, is a leading sliding door manufacturer in China. 【Product Description】1.Break the convention and improve the quality of products,the thickness of aluminium profile is 1.8mm2.Use stainless steel flat track design to ensure smooth sliding,and easy to clean. 3.The regular color is matt black,easy to match indoors,and make the product luxurious.4.It can be equipped with big handle and horizontal movable lock.5.Interior door leaf adds streamline design to enhance visual beauty.
Xingfa 102 Casement Aluminium Window Extrusions XFB018
102 double casement aluminium window extrusion is specialized for construction project system. 

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