Aluminium Windows Need Regular Maintenance

November 06, 2021

Once extruded aluminium windows and doors are installed, they are used against all the different weather damages and under daily fair wear and tear.

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Once aluminium windows and doors are installed, they are used against all the different weather damages and under daily fair wear and tear. Windows and doors are aging from time to time, rubbers aging failure, rusted metal hardware and so on. Therefore, regular maintenance is necessary to ensure safety and security.


1. Regular check for metal hardware

Metal hardware is playing the role of connecting each part of extruded aluminum window and doors, even affecting the durability. But there are still have many people that neglect the importance of metal hardware. Tracks, shafts, hinges and handles shall be cleaned regularly till it’s smooth to open and close. Replacing the damaged parts with news once it’s founded to ensure durability. People should consider choosing SUS304 stainless material as windows doors’ metal hardware. It’s easy to clean and check it up every year.


2. Regular check between walls and windows for leaks

Due to weather changes, expansion and contraction happen after a long period of time. If leaks between walls and windows are found, please ask the serviceman to visit and check for problems. Once the windows or doors are deformed, windows and doors might not be shut closely. Raindrops will leak into the house.


3. Regular clean

Windows and doors need to be cleaned regularly. It’s better to use soft gauze or cotton plants to clean and avoid scratching the surface. Dirt and debris in the track shall be cleaned as soon as possible. For that stubborn dirt, using cleansers and ethanol is recommended.

Xingfa, aluminium window supplier has designed the aluminium window with indoor outward leaf and frame on the joint surface. With the hidden water drainage structure design, the whole window does not need to be provided with the unexposed drain cover. The aluminium windows are concise and flat indoors and outdoors and are consistent with the overall style of a modern building. The full-view door system with a very narrow side frame is provided. Under modern and very simple appearance, the super large lighting surface is provided with a very simple side frame to offer indoor and outdoor flexible connection and enjoy the infinite view.

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