Curtain Wall

Aluminium curtain wall is designed to resist air and water penetration. It is also used to absorb the building sway induced by wind and seismic forces. Since the structure of these walls is made from aluminium frames, it is sturdy and has space to be filled with glass. Besides, curtain walls are ideal for use because they allow natural light to pass through them, making a building more energy efficient as fewer lights and bulbs are used to ignite the place. Compared with other outer walls, aluminium curtain walls also give an excellent look to the face of the building. Professional curtain wall supplier/curtain wall manufacturer, Welcome to contact Xingfa Aluminium.

Xingfa Fully-exposed-frame Aluminium Curtain Wall
Xingfa,established in 1984, provides professional aluminium curtain wall. Fully-exposed-frame Curtain Wall has lots of advantages.
Hidden Frame Curtain Wall System - Xingfa
Xingfa aluminium, established in 1984, provides professional curtain wall system to our customers. 
Glazed Curtain Wall with Vertical Exposed&Horizontal Hidden Frame - Xingfa
Xingfa aluminium, established in 1984, provides professional glazed curtain wall system and curtain wall frame to our customers. 

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