How to Deal with Steam in Hollow Glass?

April 12, 2023

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With the increasing living standard, people would choose hollow glass which has better noise proof, heat insulation. However, by the time passed, many people claimed that steam/vapor appears inside the hollow glass which is an obstacle of sight and frustration. Why? And how to solve these problems? Aluminium window manufacturer Xingfa Aluminium tells you the reason.


Why do steam and vapor appear inside the hollow glass?


Hollow glass is made up of two or more pieces of glass or more aluminum strips. Aluminum strips are made up of gel filtration chromatography and silicone sealants. If mistakes happened while in manufacturing such as failing to apply silicone sealants evenly or missing gel filtration chromatography, steam and vapor may appear in the middle and keep happening when winter comes. It also affects the outlook appearance and daylight.


How do we solve that steam and vapor appear in the middle of hollow glass?


1. Find out the reason first. If leaking happened with the glass, please ask experienced maintenance to remodel the glass.


2. If it's installation failure, leaking in the silicone sealants, steam and vapor would also appear inside the hollow glass. With the increasing temperature, water drops will appear in the middle of hollow glass when the vapourization happened. For solving these issues, it needs to apply spacers on glasses that remove the original splitter and apply a new splitter. Keeping a distance of 2mm to the edge will be better. Keeping it dry and clean is necessary while installing.


3. If vapourization is caused by the temperature difference, opening the windows for ventilation is recommended till the steam goes.

4. If the installation is just finished recently, please ask maintenance to disassemble the product and wash it with diluted hydrofluoric acid.


5、If vapourization had lasted for a long time which means glasses are degenerative and unable to clean. Replacing new glasses can also solve the case.

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