The Concept of Energy Saving Driving the Needs of Aluminium Profiles

April 02, 2022

Aluminium profiles used in architectural decoration before are now being used in household decoration. 

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In recent years, with the increasing of living standards, elevating of health and recycling awareness, aluminium household industry is getting poplar. Aluminium profiles used in architectural decoration before are now being used in household decoration. The advantages and benefits of aluminium households source of aluminium alloy extrusion are getting more and more customers’ recognition due to its recyclability and formaldehyde-free.


Many reports stated that aluminium market is huge and tremendous, but technology barrier is low. Barrier of entry is also low as well, many SMEs are running as family-owned enterprises with a very low output by imitation learning. Most aluminium brand images are being identical.


Market competition are rival and crucial. Recently, the total number of orders decreased. Many SME that low risk resilience and primarily imitating are closed down continuously. There were 139 companies canceled the operation last years.


※Current situation


At the moment, China is a huge aluminium producing and consuming country. Pure and anodized aluminium extrusions production are both top 1 in the world. According to the data from National Bureau of Statistic, the production of oxidized aluminium and pure aluminium are 73.132 and 37.08 million metric tons, year-on-year growth rate 0.3%、4.9% respectively. By the end of first half of 2022, the production of oxidized aluminium and pure aluminium are 39.281 and 19.635 million metric tons, year-on-year growth rate 11%、10.1% respectively.


Manufacture facility professionalization and product customization has became a industry development inevitable trending. The innovation and producing of process facilities has now became to the time of customized, smart intelligence and service oriented.


Aluminium processing industry quantity demand will keep increasing in next few years. Under the initiating of global energy saving and recycle, the demand for aluminium in building, car industry, households, electronics and precision facilities will continuously increase. It may also develop the aluminium industry.


Xingfa Aluminium is a leading aluminium profile supplier in manufacturing modern-day aluminium extrusion products. Since the company was founded in 1984, it has been focusing extensively on R&D, which has helped us in introducing new trends in the market. As a professional aluminium profile supplier, we believe in the perfection of the products. For more information about aluminium profile, please don't hesitate to contact us.

In the future, the product portfolio of XINGFA will expand. Quality will be precised. Product has a higher value-adding. In terms of manufacture process techniques, XINGFA will transit to be precision-oriented. Manufacture process facilities are smart intelligence.

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