XINGFA, the First Compliance Management System Company in Aluminium Industry

June 05, 2023

Aluminium profile supplier Xingfa has got the 1st compliance management system certification in the industry.

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1st of June, SGS Group granted the GB/T 35770-2022/ISO 37301:2021 Compliance management system certification to Guangdong Xingfa Aluminium Co.,Ltd where was held in XINGFA. It is a symbol of XINGFA compliance management is reaching the world top level and being the first aluminium profile supplier with this certification.


Enhancing compliance management, in-depth implementing the core idea of 20th CPC National Congress, the practice of political governing. As a public company, compliance management, compliance development are XINGFA’s high quality development foundation. In 2022, XINGFA initiated the establishment of Compliance management system with the support of Guangxin Group and Tahota Law Firm. From the beginning of initiation, promoting and certified, the time for successfully passing verification and being granted is less than one year. This certification is a recognition to XINGFA compliance management work. The successfully establishing and operation of the system mean that XINGFA had began a new journey on a new starting point.


In the near future, aluminium extrusion supplier XINGFA will take this successfully certification as a opportunity, continuously enhancing the work of establishing compliance management system with higher and more rigorous requirements. To ensure the operation of system, by intensifying ESG compliance, adapt to international economic changes, risks control of international investment, protect sustainable development and provide  solid support for company’s high quality and sustainable development.


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