Fully-Hidden-Frame Curtain Wall

Fully-hidden-frame curtain wall has a wholly hidden frame covered by glass. The glass is installed in the outermost layer for the whole system so that the aluminium beam behind it is hidden. All that is visible is glass. This makes the building look as if it's made entirely of glass.

Firmly Situated in Foshan and gaining a foothold in the whole country, Xingfa Aluminium has been taking its road of development by relying on technological innovation and scientific management since its establishment in 1984. Since its listing In 2008, the company has been making continuous efforts in developing products that meet the market demand, actively expanding to the whole country and adopting the diversified operation pattern of aluminium profile industry. By adoption of the scientific management and attraction of more excellent talents to join us. Even when confronted with the 2009 financial crisis and 2020 COVID-19, our company could still grasp the market trends and maintain the constantly and rapidly developing status.

Glazed Curtain Wall with Vertical Exposed&Horizontal Hidden Frame - Xingfa
Xingfa aluminium, established in 1984, provides professional glazed curtain wall system and curtain wall frame to our customers. 
Hidden Frame Curtain Wall System - Xingfa
Xingfa aluminium, established in 1984, provides professional curtain wall system to our customers. 

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