How to define good system windows and doors?

January 12, 2023

Sliding windows are used to be popular, price friendly, less space take-up, using friendly.

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Methods: Checking out the intersection of frames. Thermal breaks and rubber strips usage is the refection of windows and doors’ quality.

Triple sealing on both frames and sashes.

Using strips for glasses instead of silica gel on glass installation.

Line pressing aluminium profiles should be installed inside.


Beside that, doors’ open modes are also important. Normally, there are sliding open, casement, tilt and turn, top-hung.


Sliding windows are used to be popular, price friendly, less space take-up, using friendly. However, sliding windows are poor in air-tightness, leaking and sound proof.


Outward casement is also a common open modes. Less space take-up is one of its features. However, outward casement has a potential risks of falling off. It’s few using in oversea market. In China, outward casement windows are prohibited to building which is 7 floors high.


Tilt and turn windows has features of less space take-up while tilting . Curtain and lifting clothes hangers are free to operate. Suitable for kids and no risks of falling off. Ventilation is comfortable that air is coming from the side of windows rather than straight away bumping inside. Drizzle will not splash into the room.


For those who has already installed, is it necessary to replace windows and doors?


For older residents, windows were made of iron steel. Iron steel is cheap and good thermal insulation which were popular products 10 years ago. After fair and tear of a long time, product surface is aging, dyeing, stuck in tracks and having scratches. It’s recommended to replace if the house is second hand with plastic or iron steel windows and doors.


Many new-built residents are using aluminium thermal break windows which are quality reliable and lasted for longer. For those faulty products, it is still necessary to replace.



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