Seven advantages of thermal-break aluminium windows and doors

November 08, 2022

Thermal-break aluminium windows and doors use thermal-break aluminium profiles and hollow glass .

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Thermal-break aluminium windows and doors use thermal-break aluminium profiles and hollow glass which have functions of energy-saving, noise-proof, water-proof, dust prevention. Heat transfer coefficient K value is below 3W/㎡·K, which is half of normals. Thermal break aluminium profiles lower heating charges and noise 29 db with excellent water-proof and air-tightness.

A.Seven major advantages of thermal aluminium windows and doors


1.Firm and durability


Aluminium profiles are durable and firm.


2.Heat insulation


three criteria of heat insulation of thermal-break windows and doors


1)Thermal-break profiles heat transfer coefficient value is around 1.8-3.5W/㎡·k, which lower than normal aluminium profiles 140~170W/㎡·k.


2)Hollow glass heat transfer coefficient value is around 2.0~3.59W/m2·k, which is way lower than normal aluminium profiles 6.69~6.84W/㎡·k and effectively reducing heat transfer.


3)PA66 nylon rubber strips divide the aluminium profiles into two parts, inside and outside. A soft connection of inside frames and outside frames increase air-tightness, heat insulation for staying warm.


3. Multiple open modes

 Sliding, in and outward casement(side-hung), Tilt-turn(top and bottom-hung) window open modes are suitable for different using occasion and satisfying customers’ needs. For example, outward casement windows are prohibited, then tilt-turn window will be an alternative options.


4. Noise-proof

Hollow glass and thermal break aluminium profiles has superior noise proof performances and reduce noise up to 30dB.


5. Recycling material

No noxious substances are being produced during manufacturing, all materials are recyclable.


6. Energy-saving

Thermal break application reduces energy consuming, heat charges and cost of air-con, consistent with human sustainability.


7. Application

Spectacular outlook with colourful designs are suitable for many decoration styles and satisfying different appearance’s needs.



B. How to choose thermal break aluminium windows and doors.


1、Differentiate original aluminium, and recycling aluminium.


2、Glass must be double hollow glass with 3C certification. Choose Low-E glass if there is sound-poof requirement,


3、Choose PA66 nylon rubber strips instead of PVC.


4、Quality metal hardware will be more durable.

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