Tencent New global HQ - "Internet+"Future City uses XINGFA Aluminium profiles

September 04, 2023

XINGFA is being a aluminium profile supplier of Tencent New global HQ with its excellent quality and brand reputation.

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Architecture building is a economic growth of a city, a image of a city. Shenzhen, a open creative integrated city, in this area, enterprises’ headquarters are lined up blocks by blocks. For Tencent, a internet giant founded in local Shenzhen, here is the homeland, where is the global headquarter located. Tencent Building of Binhai and Qianhai Tower are both using XINGFA aluminium profiles. Global Headquarters are still in construction progress.

As a world well-known internet giant, Tencent’s headquarter is always eye catching. News from SZNews, Internet+’Future City in west bay, where in Qianhai, has started construction. This project has been a hot debate among the whole industry. XINGFA is being a aluminium profile supplier with its excellent quality and brand reputation.



The new global headquarter project is called ‘The Penguin Island’, and area covering up to 809 thousand sqm, total developed size up to 2 million sqm, constructed by China Construction Fourth Engineering Division Co.,Ltd. Phase 1 of ‘The Penguin Island’ will complete in late 2024, and phase 2 will complete in 2026.

Recent information state that, ‘Internet+’Future City will have the layout of 6 bases + 1 platform, including Advertising, Cloud, Internet+ Medication, Internet+  Education, Internet+  Sports, Internet+ Innovation and R&D centre. As a national digital science experiment area, ‘Internet+’Future City will be strategic plan of Shenzhen in developing infant industry, targeting to be global ‘Smart City’ and research base.


As a 2,000,000 sqm ‘City Network’, the project can satisfy up to 100,000 employees. The project designed for human being, buildings, blocks, transportation and open area are focusing on each personnel by avoiding vehicle interrupts, noises, pollution and anxiety. The Island also provide enough public room and facilities, connected by subway, cycles, and other transport. It will open to public once construction is completed.  


Tencent new global headquarter, as world leading developed city construction, will create a remarkable symbol on Binhai, and continue to increase its global awareness. XINGFA will also keep moving forward forward on constructing city landscape.


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