Aluminium Air-con motor cover makes the city tidy and clean

January 09, 2024
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There are many of aluminium products around us. The features of these aluminium materials are light, recyclable and with different possible surface treatments which determines that it has a wide application and played a vital role in society development.


By the increasing temperature in summer, many of air-con motors are placing overhead exposing outdoor in the old street. Some brackets and covers are rusty with deep marks.


Air-con motors are hang outside the building and durability affected by daily fair wear and tear, rusting and dust. Beside that, hanging the motors outside the building is not safety oriented. In day by day city development and construction, more and more old street re-new projects are choosing aluminium air-con covers and relevant products.


Aluminum air-con covers are made of high-strength which has features of lightweight, hardness, waster-proof, fire-proof, easy-assemble, recyclable, clean, environmental friendly and easy-pack. It would also be customized in shapes and wider colour range by different clients with extraordinary decoration effects. Excellent weathering resistance, and UV protection, alkali and acid resistance can extend air-con motors durability, it’s reliable and aesthetic.


Aluminium air-con covers’ durability are affected by its installation location and usage environment. It’s recommended to installed in cool and dry place. If installed on the high wall, once it is rusted, it will have potential risks. Especially in flood and typhoon season, simple air-con brackets will have potential risk of falling off. Installing aluminium air-con covers is not only protecting the motors, but also embellishing the streets.

Aluminium air-con covers are functional and aesthetic, which is a recommended product for city renovation such as government project, private house, hotels, hospital, schools, factory and commercial buildings. Uniform designs emphasize the facades appearance,


Aluminium has been applied in our daily life. Aluminium air-con covers make the city unity and clean, improve management and giving order and organize to the city.

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