The developing of system windows and doors provides more choices for quality life

July 13, 2023

Windows and doors are integral components of any building, and as society develops and living standards rise, people expect higher quality and functionality from these essential elements. 

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Windows and doors are integral components of any building, and as society develops and living standards rise, people expect higher quality and functionality from these essential elements. However, common issues such as leaking and poor thermal insulation persist with traditional windows and doors, impacting the quality of life for many. This has led to debates over the overall quality of windows and doors, prompting the emergence of system windows and doors.

Chapter 1: 1980s - System Windows and Doors in Europe

In the 1980s, modern windows and doors began to emerge in China. While they were functionally inferior and progressed slowly compared to today's standards, they still dominated the market. Meanwhile, in Europe, high-performance quality windows and doors were being developed, offering superior safety, performance, and comfort compared to conventional options.

Chapter 2: End of 1980s - Introduction and Development of System Windows and Doors

By the late 1980s, system windows and doors in China were slowly progressing. In the late 1990s, European system windows and doors entered the Chinese market, prompting upgrades and iterations in Chinese windows and doors. Chinese manufacturers transitioned from imitation to self-innovation, gradually mastering the technology and techniques required to produce system windows and doors. This transition, from iron and steel to aluminum, PVC, and thermal break aluminum windows, showcased domestic ingenuity and manufacturing skills that rapidly advanced the windows and doors market.

Chapter 3: After 2000s - System Windows and Doors Take Center Stage

In the new millennium, economic growth, real estate development, and advancements in manufacturing skills have led to new consumer requirements for quality of life. The domestic windows and doors industry is in a developmental stage, with windows and doors being a significant contributor to building energy consumption. The iteration of windows and doors aligns with trends and government policies aimed at reducing energy consumption. System windows and doors have become crucial within the industry, meeting the requirements of the socialist market economy.

System Windows and Doors: A construction product systematically innovated, supported by a complete technology system, and controlled by strict quality standards to achieve predetermined physical performance. It encompasses various functional aspects such as waterproofing, airtightness, wind-pressure resistance, mechanical hardness, thermal insulation, noise reduction, safety, shading, weather resistance, and ease of operation, as well as the overall integration of components including equipment, profiles, accessories, glass, glue, and sealing.

Chapter 4: Development of XINGFA System

In early 2007, XINGFA launched the first IP Windows and Doors System, "Winger™," marking the introduction of an integrated windows and doors system. Over the years, XINGFA has continued to perfect its products, satisfying diverse market needs and preferences. In 2018, XINGFA introduced the XINGFA System, positioning itself as a provider of project construction product services and home-oriented windows and doors systems. Through continuous innovation, manufacturing techniques, and facility upgrades, XINGFA offers high-quality choices to the market, catering to professional product services and customization needs.

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