XINGFA Aluminium Attended The 30TH Windoor Facade Expo

March 18, 2024

The 30th Windoor Facade Expo was held in Poly World Trade Center, Guangzhou on 11-13 March. 

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The 30th Windoor Facade Expo was held in Poly World Trade Center, Guangzhou on 11-13 March. Many oversea exhibitors and industrial leaders are all gathering here to share and develop. And it had been an excellent expo with vision and audio ceremony at that 3 days. XINGFA had displayed a series of windoor facade products and solutions, demonstrated the ability of Designed By XINGFA and drew a bunch of attentions.


By the technology developing and living quality pursuit, windoor and facade products have emerged. SOWS110 Window-Net System, ESD125A Lifting Sliding Door, ENW65 Outward Casement Window, D196-TM Three Tracks Thermal-break Sliding Door, Pilot Series 112 Eight-chamber Outward Casement Window with Net, Frontier Series 60 Single Outward Casement Window and XINGFA Installed-Facade Curtain Wall System are being displayed in The Expo. XINGFA is focusing on client needs, not only outlook appearances, but also functions and innovation of practicability. By sharing the idea of safety, smart and clean energy to provide high efficiency, comforting and city development, building in harmony with the environment is satisfying people’s pursuit of good life.


SOWS110 Window-Net System is using EPDM rubber strips triple sealing design, Level 8 air-tightness. Sashes are level with frames which is complying with modern design of architectures. XINGFA provided several of mosquito nets solutions, stainless steel nets, invisible nets and rigid nets satisfying different project needs. Beside that, fences and handrails are options to choose for safety and fire exit purposes.


'Eight-chambers designs, thermal-break and air-pressure resistance; glue injection, leaking-free gluing process; Water leakage protection; premium level of noise-proof and thermal-break; car-used level rubbers strips, better abrasive and weathering resistance’ technicians on-site was introducing the properties of Pilot Series 112 Eight-chamber Outward Casement Window.


Beside that, there is a ESD125A Lifting Sliding Door System, providing single track, double track, and triple track solutions. The structure system has been strengthen for using in typhoon-prone areas; Also, ENW65 Outward Casement Window was using XINGFA patent Anti-falloff devices for coping with hazard weather and windows falloff. D196-TM Three Tracks Thermal-break Sliding Door was another eye-catching products with super-wide frames and firmed doors. Slim sides and hocks are widening the vision. Doors movement can be hold at any position for safety purposes and ventilation. On side, there is a Frontier Series 60 Single Outward Casement Window, sash corners are made of steel plate which enhancing hardness and levelness of the corner; Window sashes are level with frames from inside to outside, which is modern minimalist.


XINGFA Installed-Facade Curtain Wall System which had won the 10th Polaris Award of Construction also drew a huge attention from expo visitors. The System has been recognized by visitors with the properties of batch production, modular installation, favourable structural appearance, easy-installed, various open modes, superior thermal-break performance, compatibility and cost-effective. Also, it earned a demonstrated spot in Polaris exhibition which is representing XINGFA products market position.


Products were bringing visitors from everywhere, and they were browsing through the booths. Products were stunning. Every one were welcomed and hospitality with professional FAQs. People’s needs are being satisfied by on-site demonstration and real-time interaction. More and more products were introduced and embellishing people’s daily life.

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