Xingfa Witnesses the Upcoming Splendor of Changsha Jinmao Tower

April 05, 2024

Buildings serve as the footprints of urban development and act as both windows and cover for a city. 

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For 40 years, Xingfa Aluminium has never ceased its in-depth exploration in the field of aluminum extrusion materials. Buildings serve as the footprints of urban development and act as both windows and cover for a city. Changsha Jinmao Tower, an imposing structure standing at 318 meters, becomes the second Jinmao Tower nationwide. It crafts a new facade for the city, representing a fresh showcase of China Jinmao's quality and brand. It also stands as a cultural and spiritual landmark that highlights Changsha's unique charm, soaring into the city's skyline and ushering in a new era for China's economic development. Xingfa Aluminium is dedicated to providing superior product quality and technical services to harmonize the relationship between people and buildings, and people and nature, deeply empowering urban development.

Located in the core area of the Mei Xi Lake International New Town CBD in the Xiangjiang New Area of Changsha, the Changsha Jinmao Tower stands tall like a towering peak, complemented by the steep mountain scenery around it. With a total investment of approximately 3.5 billion yuan and a total construction area of 210,000㎡, the project consists of a 318-meter super Grade A office tower, about 12,000㎡ of supporting commercial space, and an urban square. It forms an urban landmark that builds a vibrant and harmonious business ecosystem, creating a new highland for the digital economy, showcasing the city's unique charm, and driving the high-quality economic development of the city through the landmark effect.

The project benefits from unparalleled natural and urban resources and collaborates with Aedas, a world-leading architectural design giant. It integrates elements of Zhangjiajie's magnificent peaks and draws from the design elements of the thousand-year-old Tongguan Kiln, incorporating Hunan's culture into the design. The tower is symbolized as a mountain, Mei Xi Lake as water, and the island as continents, creating a "mountain-water-continent city" landscape.

The architectural facade designs are inspired by the basic elements and architectural components of Changsha's old streets. Classic vertical lines, arcade elements, and balcony streets are extracted and integrated into the façade forms of both the tower and the podium buildings, inheriting the historical and cultural context with modern architectural techniques. The building's exterior features an all-glass curtain wall and lighting designs, making it uniquely landmark in the city, while the city's living room at the top of the project offers panoramic views of Mei Xi Lake and the modern cityscape of Changsha. As a dazzling pearl in the strategy of the rise of the central region, it not only serves as a new highlight of the city's skyline but also a concentrated display of the city's economic strength and cultural heritage.

Changsha Jinmao Tower adheres to the overall principles of “applicability, economy, greenness, and beauty,” practicing the concept of “dual carbon” with “green” construction. Its design has been honored with triple certifications: the U.S. LEED Gold pre-certification, WELL Gold mid-term certification, and national three-star green building design certification, championing a green, comfortable, and efficient workspace to practice sustainable development strategies, contributing to carbon neutrality, and setting a new benchmark for the city's sustainable development.

Changsha Jinmao Tower is not just a building; it's a window through which Changsha presents its unique charm to the world, the "city's living room" that represents the future image of a national-level new area, and a core support for a new pattern of urban development. After 40 years of meticulous efforts, Xingfa Aluminium has built a premium brand in the Chinese aluminium industry, demonstrating architectural elegance with craftsmanship, and propelling the city's economy to new heights.

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