Why Does It Use Inward Casement Windows in High End Architecture Design?

February 03, 2023

Aluminium casement windows have different types. What are the differences of these aluminium window extrusions? 

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Speaking of tilt and turn windows, people may be curious about what it is.


In fact, German was the first who invented inward tilt & turn windows and put that into use in the 1930s. This type of window is the same as inward aluminium casement window, but also it has tilt function, which means that the top is tilt, and the bottom is fixed.


Due to the frequent happening accidents of outward casement windows falling off, therefore, inward casement windows are getting popular, especially the tilt and turn windows. Because of its advantages and conveniences, it is becoming a stat product among the domestic and oversea market.


So what makes it attractive and chased by customers?


1.Non-straight airflow

People always consider ventilation in the first place while choosing window. Usually, (casement open mode remain the same) while aluminum window extrusions are tilting, airflow that goes through the window may direct to the ceiling rather than human body. In some certain weather that has a huge temperature gap may reduce the risk of having a cold. Also, tilting open mode may soften airflow that comes through window while outside is strong wind.


2.Ventilation on rainy day

Most people do have an experience that forgets to close windows while in rainy day that cause disaster with dirt and drops. If we use tilt & turn windows, raindrops and airflow are obstructed outside while windows is tilting. Even if you forget to close windows, there is no need to concern about the raindrops. Especially, Xingfa Paxdon windows tilt & turn windows have multiple sealing strips, with extraordinary tightness, it also has excellent performances in thermal insulation and air-tightness.


3.Easy cleaning

Cleaning is the main issues for casement and sliding windows, especially for high-level apartments and condos. Users are having difficulties to reach outside. Even if users can reach outside, it will still be very dangerous. However, tilt & turn windows will be totally different, users are able to clean at any time without any dangers.


4.Security, safety

Comparing with outward casement or sliding windows, tilt & turn windows have better security and safety. Kids are not able to open and reach outside while window is tilting. Tilt & turn windows prevent falling off accidents.

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