Tips of Windows and Doors Installation

February 17, 2023

Good aluminium window extrusions is important for our house. Choose valid aluminium window profile, avoid using faulty material that may affect the durability after installation.

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While replacing the home used windows and doors, people are not familiar with installation and disassembling. In case with that, the installation quality is becoming a learning topic for every user to understand.


During and after the installation, except for monitoring the surface quality, it needs to pay attention to installation procedures of workers, choose valid aluminium window profile, avoid using faulty material that may affect the durability after installation.

While uninstalling, aluminium window extrusions and doors needs framing, stable connection, sealing, and final check up, all these relevant processes are relative to window and doors’ quality and durability.


Speaking of installation, framing is an important stage, and it determines the window outlook and performances. Set the frames coordinates base on holes on the window and doors. Then, put the frame right inside the preset coordinates.


Dry-installation and Wet-installation


System windows and doors installation methods are divided into two types, Dry-installation and Wet-installation. Due to the differences of installation methods, frames’ fitting methods where on the wall are also different.

1. Dry-installation


For Dry-installation, metal frames should be installed before wall painting, aluminium window frame extrusion should be done after wall painting. See bellow for metal frames installation requirements: 

(1)The valid width of metal frame and window side frame should be wider than 30mm.

(2)Choosing fasteners for metal frames to connect holes with walls. Connecting the wall and outside metal frames with fasteners. 

(3)The gap of metal frame fasteners and angles should be less than 150mm, two fasteners should keep a gap less than 500mm.

2. Wet-installation

While using wet-installation, system windows and doors frames should be installed before wall painting. Windows and doors frames should use fasteners to fix. The requests are the same as dry-installation. The gap of system window doors frames and fasteners should be no more than 150mm, the gap between two fasteners should be less than 500mm.


In terms of connecting method of fasteners and system windows door slots, it can either choose self tapping screw or POP Self Plugging Rivet. After installation, the walls around the windows should have preservative treatment using preservative paints or plastic films.

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