The Secrets of Aluminium Profile Windows' Angle Composition

February 25, 2022

Not only aluminium profile facade, but also angle composition is also an essential standard of aluminium profile windows and doors quality.

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People usually focus on aluminium profile facade, metal hardware or glasses, fewer of them care about the angle composition.


Angle composition is also an essential standard of aluminium profile windows and doors quality.


Angle composition also called angle combination, is an assembly method of combining two aluminium profiles.


Combination spots are weak points, using composition methods may enhance the strength of windows and ensure the form and frame completion and stability without leaking, deforming under strong impact, wind pressure.



Different assembly methods have different levels of performance.


At present, there are three commonly seen angle assembly methods, joint duct corners, ram corners, pin&glue injection. Three different methods have pros & cons in windows and doors performances, and they are applied in different occasions and environments.


1.Joint duct corners

Joint duct corners are a combination set including a series of springs, screws, nuts. It is a symmetry structure that connecting with screws and nuts. The biggest advantage of it is installable and detachable at construction fields. It is easy to load into any elevator and it’s also the most commonly used connection method.


However, this methods also have its disadvantages, which is lack of compactness due to its fast installation in fields. It may lead to water leaking, spring rust, ruptures and affect the stability of frames.


This assembly method is obsoleted in mid and high-end windows doors market, but in the considerations of cost, it is still having a large share in low price market.


2.Ram corners


Ram corners method is inserting corners into aluminium profiles, gluing, then combining with impact machines via pressing and punching.


This method is cost-effective and covering a large amount of market.



3.Pin & glue injection


Pin & glue injection is the best method of the three, and it is also the most recognized and best assembly method. By using the pins and glue injection, the corners and profiles are gelled together to be compatible and stable.


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