Tips for Aluminium Curtain Wall System Construction

September 04, 2021

Xingfa Aluminium, established in 1984, is the leading aluminium curtain wall system supplier in China.

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It is very necessary to have a strict mechanical calculation that may have effects on the system at each part of aluminium curtain wall in terms of wind pressure, gravity, temperature and earthquake. It is to make sure the safety and corrections of inserts, connections, grid system, plates and stabilizers.


2. Plates are floating connection?


Floating connection ensure the recovery and integrity of curtain wall system when it is deforming. That would prevent curve face from deforming under external forces.



3.Plates fixed modes

The fixed mode has effects on to curtain wall overall appearance. Different stress points may transform the plates. Therefore, the fixed mode should hold on tight with each other to make sure the surface is flat.


4.Mixed-type plates material sealing enhancement

Due to mixed-type plates are thinner, lower strength except for the frontage thickness, sealing enhancement is necessary.


5.Backside structure reinforce ribs, to strengthen the plate hardness

The display of reinforcing ribs and the ribs themselves should reach the basic requirement to ensure function and safety.


6.Water-tightness sealing

Structural water-tightness, internal water-tightness, glue water-tightness, different water-tightness sealing have different prices. Suitable water-tightness sealing methods may ensure the outlook appearances.


7.Materials should reach required standards and rules

At present, construction material has a surplus market, quality is different. Proper and suitable materials are guarantee curtain wall quality. It must use strict and precise methods to check all the used material. 

Xingfa Aluminium, established in 1984, is the leading aluminium curtain wall supplier in China. Xingfa Aluminium has five factories in China, which is located in Foshan City Sanshui District, Foshan City Nanhai District, Jiangxi Province Yichun City, Henan Province Qinyang City, Sichuan Province Chengdu City.Xingfa Aluminium has been persisting on the approaches of combining independent research&development and cooperation with domestic and overseas scientific research institutes. Relying on our own four national and five provincial R&D platforms, Xingfa always keeps close cooperation of industry, university and research to provide strong guarantee for the improvement of the company's technology research and development capability, thus forming self-owned core competence.

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