Does your window have a leak? 2 ways to check it up

December 13, 2022

In general, frames and walls gap can be filled with concrete and Styrofoam. 

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Windy outside and freezing inside is a common sense in most place in China. House windows which has insufficient sealing make people feel the same freezing as walking outside.


1. Don’t let the cold wind coming in as well as keeping inside warm requires windows’ air-tightness. Rubber sealing strips’ weather fastness and design increase air-tightness.


Rubber strips: Simply, people replace the inferior rubber strips with better softness strips to increase air-tightness. (Sliding doors/windows should also choose quality brushes to prevent dust and dirt breaking through from the leak)


Product hardness: wind and heat leakage are also caused by product material itself. In fact, if products’ hardness and wind pressure is low, product will be deformed some time later. Once the product is deformed (leaking appeared), the air-tightness performances decrease. Then windows will be leaking, wind coming in and heat leaking out.


Product quality is determined by material and manufacturing. Therefore, in terms of choosing windows products, it’s recommended that choosing well-known and reliable brands. Suppliers who has advanced manufacture facilities and techniques, following the standards of ISO9001 quality approved to produce and manage are able to provides windows and doors with excellent air tightness, water-proof, noise-proof and wind pressure performances.


Metal hardware: by the way, metal accessories should also have strong harness to withstand strong wind and against deforming. Lock points position should be parallel and even in number. Top and bottom lock points should approach the angle to ensure the air tightness. Beside that, strict assembly processes are keys to prevent leaking. To make sure the air tightness between wall and windows (gaps should be as small as possible) is the key to prevent dust, dirt and leaking raindrops.


2. Apart from the product itself, it is still necessary to check and maintenance. At this time, you can run a self-check procedures to check for leaking. First: light up a candle or a cigarette, place it near the window frames If the smoke rises up straight, that means air tightness is merit and superior. If the smoke twist and wiggle, that means the air tightness is inferior.


Air tightness can be DIY! It’s also a good solution to buy windows plastic seals to fill the leaks. That would be also a method to reduce the effects of wind to leak.


If leaks appear between frames and walls, what can we do to it? These situation maybe happened when builders were rushing to work or cutting corners. If builders fail to accomplish the sealing work between frames and walls, or the aging of old building may also affect the tightness between frames and walls. In order to solve these, housekeeping should contact specialists or builders to fill the gap and do the maintenance work in everyday life (or before the hazard weather).


In general, frames and walls gap can be filled with concrete and Styrofoam. Concrete is and common and traditional way. The advantage of that is cost friend, easy to operate and durable. But the disadvantage is also obvious, which concrete cannot fill a gap in 100%. It’s also affected by thermal expansion and contraction in everyday used. Gap may also appear in some special occasions (rainy days may cause water seepage and damping).


Speaking of Styrofoam, compared with concrete, Styrofoam is soft and elastic after drying out. It closely stick with frames and walls. More importantly, Styrofoam won’t be affected by thermal expansion and contraction. Therefore, certainly Styrofoam ensure the air tightness and thermal insulation in some ways.

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