The developing of system windows and doors provides more choices for quality life

November 22, 2022

Aluminium window and doors as an essential part of a building.

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Aluminium window and doors as an essential part of a building, by the society develop and increasing living standard and inhabitant requirement, people has a higher expected quality and function. However, common issues such as leaking and thermal insulation  from traditional window and doors are still affecting people’s quality of living. Windoor’s overall quality has became a debated and the system windoors appeared.



System windows and doors in Europe


In 1980s, modern window and doors started appearing in China. Compared with today’s windows and doors, it was poor in function and iterated slowly. However, it was still in the market leading position. At the same time in Europe, high performances quality window and doors had been invented. And its safety level, performances and comfortableness were way higher than normal windows and doors.



·Chapter.2· End of 1980s

The introduced and developed of Windows and doors system


In the end of 1980s, system windows and doors in China progressed slowly. In late 1990s, European system windows and doors came into Chinese market, and Chinese windows and doors upgraded and iterated. Chinese producers started from imitating to self-innovating,gradually acquired the technology and techniques to produce system windows and doors. Upgrading from iron steel, aluminium, PVC, thermal break aluminium windows to system windows and doors is gathering domestic ingenuity techniques and manufacturing skills from Europe that rapidly developed the windows and doors market.




·Chapter.3· After 2000s

System windows and doors stand out in the industry


After millennium, domestic economy growth, real estate develop and mature skills in manufacture, consumers has new requirements to quality of life. Domestic windows and doors industry is in developing stage. Windows and doors is one of building energy consuming cause. The iteration of windows and doors should go along with trend and government polices to reduce energy consuming. System windows and doors is taking an important position within the whole industry, and satisfying socialist market economy requirement.



  System Windows and Doors

System Windows and Doors are construction products that was systematically innovated, supported by completed technology system and controlled by strict quality standard to reach predetermined physical performances. It includes a series of functions’ performances such as water-proof, air-tight, wind-pressure resistance, mechanical hardness, thermal break, noise-proof, safety, shadowing, weather fastness, easy operation as well as the general reflections of each components such as equipment, profiles, accessories, glass, glue and sealing.



·Chapter.4· Development of XINGFA System

Products upgrading satisfy market requirement


At early 2007, XINGFA had launched the first IP Windows and Doors System ‘Winger™’. It was the first integrated windows and doors system. By accumulating years of experiences and aluminium construction innovation abilities, following on the pathway of product differentiation, satisfying different market and needs XINGFA kept perfecting products. 11 years after launching, in 2018, XINGFA launched XINGFA System where positioning in project construction product services and Paxdon home oriented windows and doors system.



XINGFA provides more and more high quality choices for the market by completing innovation skills, manufacture techniques, facilities, customizing to form a professional product services and upgrading.


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