Customized Windows and Doors Build the Ideal Resident

December 18, 2023

Aluminium window frame section and aluminium profile door have been an essential part of the decoration. 

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By the social progress and pursuit of life expectations, living space customization has been a market favor option. Aluminium window frame section and aluminium profile door have been an essential part of the decoration. It’s not only practical, but also living expectations and happiness. With the rapid increase of purchasing power and aesthetics, people need customization to satisfy their variety of requirements. Customization has been a market-driven result.


Windows and doors customization is a combination of customization and design. Compared with traditional aluminium window and door products, the customization products are being produced based on personal preferences and special requirements. From materials to style, it provides a variety of choices for customization to truly re-arrange the layout of the house.


1. Customized by room style

No matter the modern, classic or new Chinese style,customized designs are full of arts and creations. It should co-ordinate with the interior design with different colors and models.  Whatever it is wood , thermal break, or system windoors, from design and materials, it’s all customized by personal preferences and style. It’s satisfying owner’s mix & match requirements, creating different room atmosphere, and becoming a finishing touch of the design.


2.Customized by geographic climate

In northern China, weather is usually cold. Windows and doors are supposed to reduce heat transfer and keep it warm. In southern China, summer is usually humidity and rainy, especially in the coast area and extreme weather. In terms of selecting windows and doors products, the first thing to consider is heat insulation, wind pressure, water tightness so that it can withstand the heat and storms. In the northwest, weather is complex, dry with less rains, sandstorm and bigger temperature gap during day and night. Therefore, people live in northwest have requirements to heat insulation and dust-proof. Designing windows and doors base on different geographic climate is satisfying different customer requirements to products with better noise-proof, dust-proof, wind pressure performance.




3.Customized by room designs

The key of interior design is coordination. Windoors is able to provide different experience by dedicated designs and producing. Mix and match is also important for choosing windoors for different spaces. Living room, balcony, kitchen, bedroom, study, toilet, staircase, different products satisfy different needs to create customized living spaces.


Living room as a key area, it allows to use panoramic windoors to enhance visual field and spacing. But balcony should use better sealing sliding doors for secured and safety in low floors, fell-down proof in high floors. As well as weathering performance under daily fair wear and tear and structural deforming in the sun. Kitchen shall consider ventilation during cooking. Bedroom shall sound-proof with mult-sealing to prevent bugs and mosquito intrusion. Toilet and bathroom is humidity and wet, water-proof and corrosion and abrasive performances are essential. Staircase needs good daylighting, high position could use electric open device. High-end windows and doors are convenient and safety for life.


4.Customized by family-oriented


Family members including kids and elderly people shall pay attention to windoor’s details such security and accessories. Customized handrail and fences are optional, hiding lock point to prevent collision. Barrier-free tracks and mesh, fell-down proof design, tilt-turn and open limits are all option to customized. These designs are increasing the safety level. Excellent details designs demonstrate the value of high-end windoors products for your own safety and smart rooming.

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