Aluminium application: carport - protecting vehicles from damages

January 18, 2024
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Car has been a necessary transport vehicles in any city of modernization. Due to the car industry development, car parc of each city has increased exponentially. The plan and construction of car park has been a crucial and important segments in modernization. Carport as a shelter for rains and is also protecting the cars from damages.


Aluminium carport

Aluminium carport has played a vital role in carpark construction. Aluminium profiles are reliable and easy-assemble, which has strong hardness and excellent physical properties, heat and rust resistance. The surface has the features of rust resistance, UV-protection, dust-proof and recyclable with its powder coating treatment which will be broadly used in daily life.


The carport has different colours that matching with different building structures. For example, carport in the factory shall use plain colour and brown is suitable for house-used. Green is another natural colour for most people’s favourite which is easy to adapt into the environment.


Photovoltaic carport

Photovoltaic carport is a combination of solar panel and carport, which is popular in oversea country. It is not only sheltering cars but also satisfying car parking. PV carport is generating clean energy from solar for EV power supply, carport lighting. It’s recyclable, reducing social energy debate pressure, with no limits in geography, integrating resources for clean energy and being accepted by the publics.

Photovoltaic carport has endothermic properties, which is effectively using the empty space for clean energy generating. Setting up photovoltaic carport in factory, commercial area, hospital and school can successfully solving the problem of hot steam in the car on outdoor carpark. It has the features of high-reliable, durable, clean and individual power generating which is favoured by organizations around China. It has a wide development potentials as a future leading electricity.

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