Slim Aluminium Window Frame Extrusion and Doors Emphasize High Quality Life

June 24, 2022

Slim aluminium window frame extrusion and aluminium door profile are more and more popular in our modern life.

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Simplism has now been more and more popular in our modern life, and it has been widely demonstrated in home decoration. Within that, the most significant of that is slim aluminium window frame extrusion and aluminium door profile. The properties of daylight, sense of dimension, appearance, functions are now being driven elements of designs. And nowadays, the value of slim aluminium profiles has been proved in many places such as balconies, bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and even wardrobe.


1.Simplism product design makes the room even fancier

Compared with traditional windows and doors, slim aluminium profiles windows and doors are fully functional even though it's thin. Windows and doors are water-proof, noise-proof, thermal-break and safe-operated by delicate grinding, without any complex hangings, and keeping its core value of designs. They are easy-sliding, stable structure, supreme function, securing the home as well as providing extremely beautiful views.


2. Slimness, the infinite view within limited room space


Slimness has broken the heft of tradition, reduced vision complex, and by using the art of point, line, surface to expand the vision, to enjoy the unlimited view. Compared with thick wall, by using slim sliding door to separate the functional area, the vision of the room is expanded and brightness is maintained.


3.Share the room while opening, and keep the privacy while closing


Opening the slim profiles windows, the sunshine may fill the room. The room will be brighter and the vision will be expanded. The room is no longer sealed tightly and atmosphere is no longer depressed. Being relaxed in the room and enjoying natural scenery without stepping outside. Once it's closed, it separates the room space base on function, keeps room quiet once for all.


4. Breaking the traditional designs, empowering quality of life.


Going beyond the boundaries and breaking the traditional designs, slim sliding door is just only simplism and appearance, but also function and performances. From economical purposes and to aesthetic driven, quality material and delicate craft makes the room comfortable and wonderfully well.

Slim sliding door, a idea of simplism, is putting the view of seasons into the products, and portraying the sunshine for life.

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