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The product is chemically stable. It is not subject to aging under high temperature nor corroding in the organic solvent. .
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Xingfa Paxdon 110 Aluminium Casement Windows Prices XFB009
110 Double Casement Integrated Windows&Doors·Standard and premium options are provided for customers·Systemization design: The sash and the frame are on the joint surface, invisible water leaks, tilt & turn, outswing, open security fences, easy-install, functional handles·Rational designs of window frames, inner part uses integral curved bead, fancy appearances·Standard design, it uses curved groove design for improving the beauty ·It can be customized specialized energy performance, glass grooves, installation for different geographic area users·The demonstration of Unity and Square designs·Sound-proof, water-proof strips equipped·Profiles thickness 1.4mm·CMECH hardware with EPDM strip 
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