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The product greatly helps reduce waste. It is so accurate that the amount of raw material or workforce used can be reduced, decreasing costs on waste. .
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XFB014 Xingfa 135 Lift and Slide Doors Lift Sliding Door
135 New Lift and Slide Doors Doorsl Stability: guide wheels on both top and bottom tracks for balancing the inner door leaf, ensure the noiseless, and avoid swing while sliding smoothlyl Energy Saving: While closing, sealing strips and profiles closely in contact with each other and they are airtight. Hollow glass in the frames is energy-saving.l Flat tracks: Flat tracks water draining designs, improve outdoor practicability, clean and water-proof.l Safety: No fall-off risks while opening, steady while closing.l Practicability: bigger area of daylighting, smooth sliding tracks design in the bottom, 2.5mm profile thickness for window steady.
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