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People say the product can eliminate excessive wear through accurate installation, which means it brings stability and extends the life of the equipment. .
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Xingfa System Aluminium French Door UK XFB013
The ESD100 Aluminium French Door System provides a variety of push-pull solutions, such as monorail, double tracks and three tracks with excellent product performance and relatively low costs. The system can be equipped with special rear screen doors to meet different project requirements.1. The three-stage seal between panels improves the sealing performance between door panels;2. The hidden locking point seat has a higher anti-theft level and can effectively avoid collision injury caused by the locking point exposure;3. High-quality 304 stainless steel guide rail and U-shaped lifting pulley, which makes it works smoothly;4. The special rear screen door is available,convenient to install, and provides great product performance.
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