Three Tips to Identify Good Aluminium Window Profile

March 18, 2022

Xingfa aluminum casement window profile is designed with indoor outward leaf and frame on the joint surface.

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When object's surface temperature is lower than the dewing temperature, object's surface may form condensate water. If the condensate water, vapor, black dots, crack form inside the hollow glass, it means that aluminium window profile has quality issues like desiccant or sealing techniques. If liquidation, vaporization happen inside, and dew flows down to the sill, it is a natural phenomenon. The larger the temperature differences between indoor and outdoor, the more outstanding phenomenon it will be.


How to choose excellent air-tightness windows and doors to prevent the dew phenomenon?

1. Hollow glass

XINGFA System uses premium level hollow tempered glass with strong hardness, pressure resistance, flatness. Argon gas is injected in between two glasses that improves soundproof to create a comfortable environment.

2. Rubber strips

Matching with EPDM, different types of rubber strips, duct corners assembly techniques, it can resist heat, light and oxygen, especially ozone, with lower water absorption, insulation, abrasion and elasticity. Once closing, it can obstruct raindrops, dew infiltration and heat transfer.

3. Water draining design

Windows and doors use isobaric cavity design to increase water-proof performances. The sinking water draining system and side draining design solve problems of track ponding.

Xingfa aluminum casement window is designed with indoor outward leaf and frame on the joint surface; with the hidden water drainage structure design, the whole window does not need to be provided with the unexposed drain cover. The windows are concise and flat indoors and outdoors, and are consistent with the overall style of modem building.

The full-view door system with very narrow side frame is provided. Under modem and very simple appearance, the super large lighting surface is provided with the very simple side frame to offer indoor and outdoor flexible connection and enjoy the infinite view.

For the windows and door system product, the family series handle of Xingfa system is polished in appearance and adjusted in color by modeling engineers for hundreds of times, to be consistent with the overall frame and leaf and delightful application experience.

We provide multiple natural environmental protection colors on the surface of sectional surface for option, so that the architects have more choices in matching of overall building with doors and windows.

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