EV Stimulates the Demand for Vehicle-used Aluminium Extrusion Profiles

April 05, 2023

Recently, lightweight vehicle-used aluminium extrusion profiles has became a main product upgrading of an industrial changing leading direction.

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The implementation of Carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals policies, the initial success of industrial policies, completion of the supply chain, break of technology barrier, market new-entry have brought new chances to high-quality development of EV.

Aluminum alloy extrusion is one of the widest-used, economical and practical material due to its excellent light physical properties and outstanding conductivity. In terms of car manufacture, there has been a completed product supply chain in manufacture, casting+rolling+extrusion+forging. Casting aluminium products are used as vehicle engine blocks, heads, clutch, bumpers, wheels, engines stacks accessories. Rolling aluminium plates with foil are used as car body, car door, cooling system, battery shell, battery foil. Extrusion aluminium products are used as bumpers, suspension, stacks and other battery trays. Forging aluminium products are used as wheels, bumpers, crankshafts. Relevant data shows that many types of vehicles have an average proportion of aluminium-used in casting aluminium 77%, rolling aluminium 10%, extrusion aluminum 10%, forging aluminium 3%.


Lightweight is an effective method of energy saving in EV aspect at the moment. Under the require of lightweight, the technology will serve more and more EV manufacturers. From the general perspective, the key logic of increasing demand for vehicle-used aluminium plates and extrusion profiles is the preferable of lightweight. By the increasing number of EV on road, data shows that, till 2025, the market size of aluminium plate and extrusion profiles will reach 50.4 trillion and 34.2 trillion. The comprehensive increase of 2021-2025 will be 26% and 24%.


The development of EV is a structural revolution of China car industry, a strategic measurement to promote green environment and climate change protection. In recent years, lightweight vehicle-used aluminium extrusion profiles has an increasing market treading and became a main product upgrading of an industrial changing leading direction.


Vehicle-used aluminium extrusion profiles, under the increasing popularity of EV and manufacture outputs, has now got a huge progress gap. In the meantime, with the carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals policies, battery foil and aluminium alloy accessories, car body, automotive extrusions and a series of supply chain product will have a increasing demand.

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