XINGFA Aluminium 40th Anniversary & 2024 Annual Meeting Successfully Held

June 22, 2024

40 years of progression, XINGFA became a leading custom aluminium extrusion supplier in China.

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The wind in May is gentle and mild. 2nd of May, XINGFA Aluminium 40th Anniversary Ceremony and 2024 Annual Meeting has successfully held in Foshan. 40 years of progression and development, XINGFA, aluminium extrusion supplier , had a memorable experience through all these years with the dream of pursuing quality and innovation.Clients, conference experts, wholesalers, business partners and XINGFA colleagues were all gathering together and witnessing this historical moment.


The ceremony ‘New Journey Start Again -- 2024 XINGFA Annual Meeting’  began with the music performing. The stage music and dancer performances demonstrated XINGFA’s spirits and activism.


In the ceremony, XINGFA Managing Director Mr. Liao Yuqing gave his speech ‘Focus on Thinking Differently and Leap to New Heights Again’ showing the audience of XINGFA’s history, achievements and future goals. He stated that XINGFA has now actively encountered market challenges, planned worldwide and set up production bases in Australia and Vietnam. XINGFA will optimize layout, reinforce risk management, strengthen technological competitive edge and continue to consolidate advanced domains. By leveraging the platform's capabilities, enhancing planned interconnections, and gaining insights into customer needs, XINGFA aim to comprehensively drive high-quality growth for the company. In the last, Mr.Liao hoped to continue to corporate together with clients and partner toward a brighter future.


▲XINGFA Managing Director Mr. Liao Yuqing is reporting.


Standing on the new beginning, XINGFA has been through its 40 years of development. New brand image will be released soon. XINGFA deputy of general manager, Mr. Wang Zhihua detailed explained the new brand image, connotation and its changes to the future development. New image represents a new appearance of XINGFA with its evaluation of branding strategy, predicting XINGFA’s leading market positioning.



▲XINGFA deputy of general manager, Mr. Wang Zhihua explaining brand strategy reforming.


‘Look Better, Live Better’, a new brand image trailer had been released and brought the audience to XINGFA universe and journey. The trailer showed the 40 years of XINGFA history and glorious achievements. Audiences on scene were all stunned by XINGFA capabilities and visions.



▲The Releases of XINGFA New Brand Image


During the award ceremony, XINGFA has gained the greatest honor and pleasure to its wholesalers, partners and employees. These honors were not just recognition to their efforts and achievements, but also motivation and encouragement for their future. All the nominations were sharing their great thanks to XINGFA and the experiences of fighting along with XINGFA.



▲Award Ceremony


XINGFA chairman of the board, Mr. Wang Li gave his speech of ‘Power of Connection’. The topic of his speech covered up the idea of ‘Reform, Power and Connection’ The speech stated that supply-chain played a vital role to a city even country. In the last 40 years, XINGFA kept expanding its service domain. Annual sales, turnover and net profit had successfully made a triple growth. In serving and connection to clients, XINGFA,custom aluminium extrusion supplier, made the connection to clients even wider, closer and more efficient. In the last Mr. Wang Li promised that XINGFA will stick with all the partners and create values in the path to the future.



▲XINGFA chairman of the board, Mr. Wang Li was reporting.


 A new chapter of XINGFA after 40 years.


In nightfall under the starlight, ‘ Together to the Future -- XINGFA Aluminium 40th Anniversary Ceremony’ began. 40 years of progression, XINGFA became a leading aluminium extrusion enterprise in China from a start-up business.

This ceremony included three chapters, <In Full Bloom> <Advancing in Prosperity Hand in Hand> and <Soaring with Honour>. Wonderful stage performances are one by one, <Dancing Dragons &Lions Celebrating the Prosperity of Xingfa>, Dance <Forty Years of Progression>, Recitation <We’re XINGFA Force> presenting the vitality and energy of XINGFA power. The chorus of <Going Up Vernal Hills> by all the XINGFA leader group were impressively touching and energetic.



In the ceremony, Guangxin Group’s chairman of the board, Mr. Xiao Zhiping said that since Guangxin became a member of XINGFA in the board, two parties together had brought huge success to growth. He hoped that XINGFA development would aim to the target along the plan. Chances and opportunities were found in real life. History was made by hard working. XINGFA should increase productivity, construct ‘Lighthouse’ factory, dig out the development pathway to high quality, smart and innovation. With the vision to globalizing, we will create a hundred years business opportunity.



Guangxin Group’s Chairman of the Board, Mr. Xiao Zhiping was reporting.


XINGFA Managing Director Mr. Liao Yuqing retrospected 40 years of XINGFA history in his speech. He was being thankful for all these achievement. Especially, XINGFA introduced the best advanced vertical powder coating line of Asia in the 90s. This decision fulfilled XINGFA product line and technology gap in China. All the colleagues and business partners shall take the credit for the success of XINGFA. Mr. Liao had sincerely been thankful to all the people who were involved in this success and for a brighter future.

‘Time and age was never the proof of success, but toughness and resilience.’ said by XINGFA honored chairman of the board Mr. Luo Su, which was also his sentiment through these years. As a founder of XINGFA, Mr.Luo Su attended the ceremony and accepted all the gratefulness and respects.


▲XINGFA Founder&Honored Chairman of the Board Mr.Luo Su on the Stage


XINGFA chairman of the board, Mr. Wang Li said that the growth and development of XINGFA relied on The Party, government policies and the important relationship among employees, clients and partners in Ceremony. He also stated that XINGFA cannot be successful without employees’ selfless devotion. The trust and support were a lighthouse to XINGFA while sailing. The care support from leaders and partners was power source of XINGFA development. In the future, XINGFA will put the clients in the first place, set out higher quality standards, as a innovative and smart intelligent-driven company, continuously develop in the global leading position.


In the last, XINGFA chairman of the board,Mr. Wang Li with other guests and leaders together on the stage proposed a Toast to every one. Audiences were all waving their wrist band and shouting for ‘Happy Birthday to XINGFA’ with their cheers and graces.


Ceremony had set up live stream to different factory base venue including Chengdu, Jiangxi, Henan, Zhejiang. Colleagues from different bases were sharing the same happiness and feeling.


▲ Chengdu Venue


▲ Jiangxi Venue


▲ Henan Venue


▲ Zhejiang Venue


40 years of progression and development, XINGFA had a memorable experience through all these years with the dream of pursuing quality and innovation. In the near future, XINGFA will continue to put the clients in the first place, set out higher quality standards, as the innovation and smart intelligent-driven company, continuously develop in the global leading position.


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