Xingfa Aluminium Attended The 130th Canton Fair

October 25, 2021

Xingfa as a well-known brand among custom aluminium profile industry attended the 130th Canton Fair.

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The 130th China Import And Export Fair (also called ‘Canton Fair’) was held from 15th-19th October both online and offline. And it is also the first time carrying out dual-channel fair, ensuring the face to face conversation, but also conforming the trend of digital marketing, extending the size of Canton Fair and satisfying different online meeting requirements. Xingfa as a well-known brand among custom aluminium profile industry is also a frequent domestic exhibiting company bringing new products to the fair as usual.


This time, Xingfa brought Xingfa System EW60A Outward Casement Windows, FW80B Tilt & Turn Windows, AW75 Tilt & Turn Windows, AW75 Outward Casement Windows four brand new products and extruded aluminium profile to the fair. Xingfa devotes itself to conducting a perfectly completed products solution for differences of global climate, environment, home safe and beauty with the spirit of ‘created for architecture upgrading’. Xingfa system products lines cover all architecture’s needs from tropical, subtropical to alpine areas. Xingfa system products are earning the most market recognition with their extremely high quality of thermal insulation, noise proof, waterproof and wind pressure resistance. Xingfa system is targeting the market needs, focusing on the demonstration of better energy saving, comfortable, safety, user-friendly and smart intelligence in terms of performance, function outlook and other unique characteristics. Xingfa is delivering its value by products and revealing the charm of Xingfa's innovation and smart intelligence.


In the meantime, considering the situation change of global pandemic prevention and control, fully releasing the potential of Canton Fair’s opening platform to the global market, Xingfa learned by experiences from past three Canton Fair, continued to demonstrate Xingfa’s brand, products, services, technology, workshops’ assembly line and innovation via online streaming, pictures, video and VR channel without timezone and geographical limitation. Xingfa continues to launch different series of the product including Paxton Door and Windows System, Smart Hook-type curtain wall system, energy-saving curtain wall system and relevant electronic devices, mechanical equipment, railway transport, aviation, ships, EV aluminium profiles products for overseas business, achieving the matching connection of buyer and seller.


Under the global pandemic, complex international environment and changing developed national economic social background, Xingfa would continue to base itself upon developing stage, carry out the idea of development, in accordance with the market trend, actively research more high technological, high value-adding, energy-saving, smart and safety products, optimized product structure and satisfy people’s needs of green and comfy, energy-saving, propel the global brand development, accelerate the high quality developing.

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