XINGFA Aluminium: Innovating and Progressing

December 29, 2021

XINGFA aluminium has been nominated as three consecutive "the first of National Aluminium Profile Company Top 20".

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In the last ten years, XINGFA had changed rapidly, solid foundation for future development. Each manufacturing criteria had increased to a higher level. The goal for hard-working had been emphasized. Management efficiency had been optimized that picturing a bright and glorious future.


Back on the thirteenth Five-Year Plan


By the hard-working of the whole company, XINGFA has been nominated as three consecutive ‘the first of National Aluminium Profile Company Top 20’ by China Non-Ferrous Metals Industry Association. In 2018, XINGFA has been nominated as ‘National The Third Batch of Champion Manufacture Enterprises' and awarded as National Innovation Demonstration Enterprise. Also, XINGFA was nominated as '40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening Up Meritorious Enterprises. Also in 2020, XINGFA has been nominated as the 57th of ‘Guangdong Manufacturing Enterprises Top 500’, the 472nd of ‘China Manufacturing Enterprises Top 500’, 11 places higher than the previous year in ranking. All these achievements, are proof of XINGFA being the leading enterprise in aluminium profil industry in China. In recent years, XINGFA is bold to innovate. Research and development are full of vigor. XINGFA has now evolved into high-quality oriented enterprises and moved forward along with instructions of ‘the Fourteenth Five-Year Plan’.



01  Managerial Evolution


‘Management is always a persistent topic to an enterprise.’ XINGFA bases itself on realities and devotes itself to combining private business management efficiency advantage with public company’s political and managerial convenience organically, adjusting production and operation.



Picture: XINGFA Precision Manufacture Workshop

XINGFA implement scientific management and coordinate production resources. At the same time in non-centralized management such as production, XINGFA encourages creativity and competition, stimulates benign competition to increase business competitive advantage. Through all experiences, XINGFA started a project of ‘Perfecting Production’, spreading the idea of efficient production to every workshop to increase the total manufacturing efficiency. In recent years, XINGFA Research Guild base manufacture on reality, suggesting the idea of ‘What to control, what to indulge’ in workshop management.


02 Innovation and Creativity



XINGFA increased the investment in R&D every year, actively created an innovation platform. XINGFA has now initiated four national research platforms, five for provincial level and four university-company united demonstrative bases connecting high-end technology from different parties. Innovation platform attracts a group of technicians, initiates a series of competitive projects, stimulates production reform and self-innovation. By now, XINGFA has initiated 1 international standard, 71 national standards, 28 industry standards, 12 group standards and more than 1500 product patents in worldwide.


XINGFA innovates products and technologies, with the purpose of ‘green and recycle’, and keeps developing high-end, up-to-date products including refrigerator cargo, heatsink, HEV battery shell, high-speed boat, upper decks for ships, metro overhead busbar and constructional aluminium formwork. The products’ sales of the list above have reached 30% out of total. XINGFA has changed from constructional aluminium profiles to an integrated pluralism diversifying production, it’s also a profit-driven advantage of XINGFA.


03  Brand Development


XINGFA insists to retain the product quality, services and business culture as brand value, continuously powering up the business. In recent years, XINGFA has become the most credible and reliable partner of China top 20 real estate enterprises, being the material supplier of hundreds of landmark construction around China. XINGFA is supplying aluminium profiles material for projects including “Rainbow Bridge” for The 100th Anniversary of the Founding of The Communist Party of China, “Red Ribbon” of the 70TH Anniversary of The Founding of PRC, Border Building of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, Chengdu Tianfu International Airport, Xiong'an Railway Station and relevant CPC history museums.


Picture: XINGFA Projects-Museum of the Communist Party of China


Future of the Fourteenth Five-Year Plan



XINGFA has never slackened its pace in moving forward. XINGFA has initiated “1234” Developing Policies, which means 1 core values - increase market position; 2 breakthrough - barrier of entry in vehicle and electronics used aluminium; 3 dimension targets - in the aspect of sales, profit and market share within the time period of short, medium and long-term; 4 abilities - marketing, market-driven innovation, efficiency product delivery and capital adequacy abilities.


Picture : XINGFA Headquarter aerial view


Base on the overall development plan, XINGFA has scheduled the plan of “up-and-down steam strategy”, “circulation strategy” and “innovation-driven strategy”. XINGFA position itself in construction aluminium profiles, break through the barrier of industrial-used aluminium profiles, adapting to a brand new technological and industrial revolution, combining production and information technology, progressing on innovation, technology and management, achieving the change from traditional manufacturing to smart and digital manufacturing, advancing business high-quality development.

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