XINGFA Aluminium Attends Egypt WinDoorEx

May 10, 2023

Xingfa aluminium profile, a leading aluminium extrusion supplier, attends Africa Egypt WinDoorEx.

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Egypt is straddling Asia and Africa where facing Europe, crossing the Mediterranean Sea. Egypt, as a conjunction area of ‘One Belt One Road’ in the west, located in between Asia, Europe and Africa. The Suez Canal has played a vital role in international sea freight. Egypt has many international free trade agreement with countries in Arab regions, Middle East and Europe, which is also a economic and industrial developed country in Africa.



6-8 of May 2023, Egypt WinDoorEx was successfully held in Egyptian International Exhibition Center. This exhibition is held once a year which also an essential communication platform for industry experts, brands exhibitors. The exhibition had received attention from buyers who coming from neighboring countries.


Product Solution for Customers ,Attentive Services for Communication


XINGFA, as one the leading enterprise of China domestic aluminium profiles industry, is developing and stabilizing Chinese market as well as exploring oversea business. This time, XINGFA was starting oversea business activities with local clients, and putting XINGFA’s quality products and services into Middles-East area. This exhibition was demonstrating a series of representative products including windows, doors, aluminium profile africa and ‘Hook-type’ curtain wall which was providing many of windoor and curtain wall solutions for clients. The patents of ‘Hook-type’ curtain wall has several outstanding advantages in different aspects such as reducing labour intensity, production cost, shorten construction period, increasing integrated efficiency. ‘Hook-type’ curtain wall had been used in many of domestic and international construction projects. Products are capable of withstanding strong earthquake and typhoons. Products are the key of brand development, and it is successfully presenting XINGFA’s technology and process to Middle East and the world.



Product Share and Discussion, Attract More Potential Clients

XINGFA’s brand reputation and product quality and technology has been straight forward reflected in exhibition which is full of world well-known brand.During this exhibition,clients and visitors who from Egypt,Saudi Arabia and other regions were attracted to stop by and consult. XINGFA oversea sales team had a closed discussion base on product innovation and product process with on scene visitors. Technicians were giving detail introduction of aluminium profile eygpt, windoor and curtain wall products to visitors, and let them experience the usage of products.



The successfully completed of WinDoorEx 2023 was not only just opening a profession, high efficiency and localized windoor, curtain wall platform for Egypt and neighboring regions, but also relevant channels to deliver XINGFA products. We believed that by the gradual deepening of corporation and market exploring, XINGFA service region will cover Middle East,North Africa. XINGFA will satisfy local architectural needs and keep moving forward for increasing the popularity of XINGFA in local area.


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