Xingfa Awarded The Top 500 Manufacturer in Guangdong

November 30, 2023

XINGFA, as a leading aluminium profiles manufacturer, which is also strategic industrial clusters company. 

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21st Nov, Top 500 Manufacturer of Guangdong 2023 Conferences host by Institute of Industrial Economics and Jinan University, GMA, and Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform Commission was held in Foshan. Conference revealed the Top 500 Manufacturer List. XINGFA was granted as 32nd with turnover of 17.8 billion Yuan which 4 positions above than last year. List demonstrated XINGFA has huge potentials and business vitality in development,which also recognized by the government, society and whole industry.


News stated that, the List assessment are ran by local government, referenced by business association, data gathering and verifying are followed by international nomination rules and criteria, results are generated by chamber of reviewers. Top 500 Manufacturers are the leaders of Guangdong economics, the main power of Guangdong economic growth and development.


XINGFA, as a leading aluminium profiles manufacturer, which is also Guangdong strategic industrial clusters leading company. Nearly 40 years of development, strengthening management, renovation of manufacture process, product value creating, implementing innovation driven strategy, XINGFA maximum release the potentials of technology, organization, services and structural innovation. By the internet corporation, digitized production, service extension, informative management, XINGFA is implementing technology reforming and upgrading, building up smart and intelligent factory with the concept of ‘clean and energy saving’. XINGFA has been established an image of industrial leading environmental friendly manufacturer.


In next stage, XINGFA will continue to cultivate the manufacturing, promote high-end, digital and clean production level, increase production efficiency and competitiveness by higher quality and value into a stable and further development.

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