XINGFA Billboard Shows on Malaysia Airport Highway

June 30, 2023

Xingfa aluminium profile shows on Malaysia Airport Highway

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As economic growth, outdoor activities are being popular. Different types of billboard adverts can be found along with highway. Highway billboard is one of the most effective information spreading media. Highways are key roads of a country, vehicles on it are from all around the country, billboard in highway is also becoming a important information spreading media. It is a type of effective measure in aspect of brand development, city images and sightseeing.


XINGFA aluminium profile malaysia billboard(42.68m×3.05 m) is now on in airport highway


Due to highway’s special location, billboard makes outdoor adverts easy to use. Highway billboard is capable of spreading necessary brand information to customers in the advantage of 24/7. By using this eye-catching and long last publicity measures, it will increase customers’ recognition and memory of XINGFA, brand effectiveness and competitiveness.


For better market services, XINGFA keep progressing oversea market planning. This airport highway billboard, with the advantages of outdoor adverts, is bringing strong visual impact, high frequency appearance and long term reaching of clients to XINGFA brand communication, awareness, and building a strong oversea effectiveness, conquering bigger market share.


In last 39 years, XINGFA has built a strong and stable sales network and connection with local partners. In the next stage, XINGFA will keep moving forward with the mission statement of ‘putting customers, credibility and quality in the first place’, implementing a series of globalization measures, serving each customers sincerely, and sharing the success. 

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