Aluminium Profile Supplier XINGFA Dresses Up 2022 Beijing OWG

February 23, 2022

XINGFA extruded aluminium profile had also shined bright in the complete success of Winter Olympic Game with its business culture and designs.

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2022 Beijing Olympic Winter Games had ended, athletes of Team China earned 9 gold, 4 silver and 2 bronze medals that breaks the best Team China record ever. Olympic Winter Games is not just a sports competition event, but also a show of science, humanity and green environment. From the designs of the stadium to event symbol, on the stage of art and sport competition with flashlight, XINGFA extruded aluminium profile had also shined bright in the complete success of Winter Olympic Game with its business culture and designs.


1. National Alpine Skiing Centre - has the highest level of ski run in the country, also the only one Olympic standard ski run.


Alpine ski is also hailed as ‘the star on the crown of Olympic Winter Games'. National Alpine Skiing Centre is located in the northwest of Yanqing District, Beijing, as one of the Olympic Winter Games divisions. This division is made of 7 ski runs, total distance of 10 km and the highest drop is up to 900m. National Alpine Skiing Centre is also the highest altitude building in Beijing that is named ‘Snow-swallow’. Centre held the event of Downhill, Super G, Giant Slalom, Slalom and other alpine events.

The construction of the National Alpine Skiing Centre was beset with difficulties. Waterless, no power, roadless, zero signal rural area with high altitude, cold, steep slope and drop environment conditions are causing more difficulties to construction and material supply. XINGFA supplies supreme quality aluminium profiles to National Alpine Skiing Centre curtain wall construction that put on a stable and strong outer shell for the building.



2. Olympic Winter Games Square - Stadium, the legacy of industry, the combination of re-usability and city upgrade


Winter Olympic Game Square is located in the northwest corner of Shougang Park in Shijingshan District, covering an area of around 80 hectares. The construction project of the Winter Olympic Game Square is covering ten sub-construction including Winter Olympic Committee Office, Big Air Shougang Venue, National Sports Winter Olympic Training Centre, shopping mall and other business relative facilities. The project is made of brand-new construction and ancient manufacturing facilities that had become an organic winter sports demonstration area.


Remold the present building including a training center, shopping mall and relevant business facilities buildings that show the respect to industrial culture as well as keeping the idea of green Olympic and reducing resources consumption. XINGFA is devoted to carrying on Green And Continuous development, integrating into the manufacturing and making a contribution to the green Olympic.


3. Beijing Winter Olympic Village - build for health and safety, community construction development


Beijing Winter Olympic Village is located in Olympic Culture Business Park in Chaoyang District, covering an area of 330 thousand sqm that is made of 20 residences. As one of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic projects, it was built according to the standard of Three Stars Green Building, WELL Building Standard, using green, health, smart and low-consuming integrated technology to create a supreme quality, comfort and healthy international community.


Beijing Winter Olympic Village was providing resident, catering, medical and other relevant services for athletes and squads during the game. Afterward, Beijing Winter Olympic Village will become a public rental resident for specific city human resources. XINGFA leaning on the idea of ‘Base on people’, provides quality aluminium profiles for the project, guarantees safe and secure resident services for athletes. XINGFA builds for happy and safety.


XINGFA, a leading aluminium profile supplier, had been worked hard for more than 38 years in aluminium profiles. Quality is always the priority that precisely controlled stages from design, implement, re-engaged, mould design, sampling, test, manufacturing, after sales services and so on. The brave power and motivated XINGFA dedicated to delivering the best products to every building which makes it shine and bright forever, witness the beauty and happiness of the country.

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