Aluminium Profile Supplier XINGFA Power Up 'The Quickest Metro Line in GBA’

November 22, 2021

Xingfa aluminium profile supplier in China provides Line 18 with custom aluminium extrusion material catenary support system overhead lines and other accessories.

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In recent days, Guangzhou Metro line 18 first section(Xiancun - Wanqingsha) has been put into operation, and its max speed is up to 160 km/h, called 'the fastest metro in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area'. XINGFA aluminium profile supplier in China provides Line 18 with custom aluminium extrusion material catenary support system overhead lines and other accessories.



Railway network construction is necessary to city development. With city development, the demand for public transit has increased rapidly. City railway transit is the core of transportation, accord with the principles of continuous development, especially for the metropolis. In recent years, railway network construction started around the whole country. The high-speed train, railways and metro had extended to different places intensively.



The first section of Guangzhou Metro Line 18 has been put into operation, the max speed reaches 160km/h also called ‘the fastest metro in The Greater Bay. The artistic designs in the station visualized smart and user oriental services and provided comfy, convenient and spacious experiences. Once the construction is finished, Line 18 will be the main hub connecting the north and south of Guangzhou, changing the city railway network structure, accelerating the internationalizing integrated transport construction, expediting the development of The Greater Bay.



XINGFA, as a well-known aluminium profiles brand among the whole industry, keeps researching on metro conductive aluminium profiles all the time. It has been the biggest metro conductive aluminium profiles supplier since 1984.



This time, XINGFA provided aluminium profiles products overhead lines and other accessories as well as catenary support system material supply services for Guangzhou Metro Line 18. It's the fourth generation of CR4 bus-bar products from world well-known company Furrer+Frey AG in Switzerland. Furrer+Frey AG’s technology has been an advanced level both domestically and overseas. XINGFA supports Line 18 steady and quick to put into service by cooperating with different advanced innovation technology, manufacturing technique, quality control with efficient professional service.




XINGFA self-developed conductive railway bus-bar has been widely used in Guangzhou Metro, Nanjing Metro, Shanghai Metro, Lanwu Metro as its conductive, larger intersection face, easy-installed and stable. Railway catenary support systems monopoly has been broken and filled the domestic supply gap. It earned the national science and technology award’, listed in ‘China Torch Program’. As innovating, products continue to launch the third and fourth generation and lead the railway network development. Products provide ‘the world longest tunnel in plateau region-New Guanjiao Tunnel’ and South Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region-Zhongtianshan Tunnel’ for catenary support system bus-bar products and services.

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