Five Tips of Purchasing Quality Aluminium Door Extrusions and Window

February 11, 2022

With the expanding market, more and more residences and accommodations architects are using aluminium door extrusions and window. Therefore, customers are necessary to master the basic knowledge to distinguish good and bad aluminum alloy extrusion materials.

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With the expanding market, more and more residences and accommodations architects are using aluminium door extrusions and window. Therefore, customers are necessary to master the basic knowledge to distinguish good and bad aluminum alloy extrusion materials. 

How to distinguish the benefits and drawbacks of aluminium windows & doors? No matter aluminium door extrusions ( isolating door included) or windows, property owners need to take these into account: 


Tips 1: Material


Alu-windows and doors materials have three main aspects: profiles, glass and metal hardware. While purchasing, property owners only focus on the profiles and glass thickness but overlook the metal hardware quality, it is not comprehensive and critical. In fact, the country has set a series of national standards on aluminium windows and doors. Aluminium profiles that were used for quality windows and doors usually attain national standards in terms of hardness, strength and anodized film. For example, national standards require that profiles thickness for windows should be equal and above 1.2mm, anodized film should be up to 10μm. Tempered glass and high-quality stainless steel metal hardware for durable and safety purposes. Because stainless steel has better physical properties than aluminium. The materials of wheels should use POM due to its abrasion, hardness and durability.


Tips 2 : Process


Good ingredient requires excellent cook. Technology of aluminium windows and doors is ordinary, so that the assembly of windows and doors are labour intensive. Therefore, the assembly of product requires delicate skills. The assembly of windows and doors requires high level of skills proficiency. Superior quality windows and doors have smooth cutting and perfect angles ( usually 45° or 90°). Windows and doors should not have a clear gap after assembly, good sealing, unhindered opening and closing. Faulty, inferior windows and doors would have sealing and leaking issues. Under inclement weather, strong wind pressure may cause bursting, falling-off, life dangers and property loss.



Tips 3: Outlook


While choosing aluminium windows and doors, people usually pay attention to outlook designs, painting, but overlook the composite membrane. This type of man-made film is alkali resistant, abrasion, shining and fire-proof. Therefore, it is always recommended that horizontal comparing different products. Glass craft is individual and depending on personal preferences.


Tips 4: Price


Due to the cost of windows and doors are strictly relative to aluminium ingot price, the price of windows and doors are competitively stable in a period of time. In general, quality aluminium windows & doors have premium price. Inferior and faulty products use recyclable aluminium scraps that containing a large amount substances. These aluminium profiles’ thickness is usually around 0.6- 0.8 mm and physical properties like tensile strength, yield strength are way lower than national standards. These types of products are insecure and unsafe. Property owners should be careful of temptation of cheap and overlook personal and others’ safety.



Tips 5: Functions


The product functions are decided by its using environment. But usually, there are a couple of aspects that need to be considered. 

· Hardness: it highly depends on the material that whether it can sustain pressure. 

· Airtightness: it depends on structure sealing between sashes and frames.

· Water-proof: it is reflected by the water leakage, seeper.

· Sound-proof: it is reflected by hollow glass

Also, there are many other aspects such as rubber strips, thermal insulation, nylon wheels durability, locks.

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